Jimbos Gumbos Reviews


-Anne Marie-

​​I never write reviews simply because I never have time and not too many products deserve one. BUT, hands down with out a doubt, this is some of the best food I have ever used in my tanks. The fish love it and so do the corals. There's never any leftovers because the fish gobble it up before it it can go to waste. Try this product and I promise you will see a difference in a matter of days. Fish are healthier, colors are more vibrant, and less aggression since everyone is fat and happy.


Jimbo's Gumbo should be outlawed it's that damn good!! It's like crack for your tank. My fish literally jump out of the tank when they see me approaching with the Gumbo. My corals are exhibiting colors never before seen in box of Crayolla's !! Only thing left to say is "Get the Gumbo"​


We love Jimbo's Gumbos. No rinsing, no thawing, no phosphates, no smelly house from processed fish parts. All fresh, local, hand packaged ingredients - just break off a piece and feed. You can tell by the packaging, appearance, and quality that Jimbo's Gumbos are created for the hobbyist by a true hobbyist that truly cares about the product. The fish and corals absolutely love it!