• Frozen fish foods for REEF, FISH & PREDATOR tanks.
  • Locally sourced seafood.
  • Packaged by hand & immediately flash frozen.
  • All natural amino acids & color boosting algae.
  • No need to rinse & no phosphates.
  • Available in 2, 4, and 8 oz. packages.

About the Gumbo...

Jimi started making the foods years ago when raising clown fish commercially. Through years of research and testing he has perfected the blends.

Jimbo's Gumbo's are hand made from organic, locally sourced Chesapeake Bay seafood. Made in USA.
Processed using state of the art stainless steel equipment in temperature controlled conditions, and flash frozen to ensure maximum freshness.

   “Using locally sourced seafood without the trisodium phosphate costs three times more but so do your saltwater fishes and coral. We want to ensure your investments stay healthy and happy.”